About Canesten

Our mission is to help relieve people around the world from the discomfort of intimate and fungal skin conditions - because we believe that nothing should stop you from living your life as you love it, comfortably and confidently.

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That’s why we’re dedicated to help you with effective, science-based, innovative solutions and reassuring knowledge: so you can feel in control of your skin health, and have one thing less to worry about when it matters.  

Chemical structure of clotrimazole

Science is in our DNA

Bayer researcher, Professor Karl Heinz Büchel reached the breakthrough of developing clotrimazole, an active anti-fungal ingredient. We were one of the first to craft the original clotrimazole product that is  effective at treating fungal infections, but also tackles its root cause. 

Continually improve and design solutions that work

Even now, we’re constantly striving to improve our products because we're dedicated to making them even better with every new scientific discovery - something we think Professor Büchel and his original team of pioneers would be thoroughly proud of. 

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